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With the current state of events at this unprecedented time, we are now offering Live-Streaming services for corporate events, town hall meetings, weddings, and any other event that can benefit from Live Web-Streaming. With our multi-camera setups and our professional-grade audio equipment, we can Live-Stream your event or meeting with professional results.


Great Video!

Our professional-grade Audio/Video Mixers allow us to shoot multiple camera angles such as wide shots and close-ups, along with being able to create introduction titles and the ability to add graphics and logos. When changing between camera shots we are able to add transitions such as frame dissolve and more, making your live-stream look totally professional with no post-production!


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You’ll find that many vendors are now offering Live-Streaming services with iPhones or iPads. By using digital cameras the video captured will look much more professional than what an iPhone or iPad camera can produce and, we can not only Live-Stream your event but at the same time, we can also record the audio and video to an external hard drive so that we can supply you with a video file that you can post on your website or we can post your video on our site with a dedicated landing page built specifically for you.


Great Audio!

Various studies have shown that audio quality is even more important to viewers than video streaming quality. With that said, we bring 20+ years of diverse professional experience providing live sound services for many internationally-known Grammy-winning recording artists, music venues, festivals, and Broadway-style theater productions, to your event. 


Again, with many vendors using quick solutions by using iPhones and iPads as cameras they are also using these same devices microphones for audio capture as well. We are able to use our large inventory of professional-grade microphones and our experience to bring professional audio to all of your Live-Streams!

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